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BrownFest 17





OK – This is the latest that I have ever sent out a countdown, but wanted to let everybody know one more time about the changes from years past. 


Can’t believe it but it really just hit me that this is the 17th year that we have been doing this.  Thinking back, I remember when Taylor sang her first song.  Also when another young girl jumped up and sang with her on about her 4th year.  That other girl was Taylor J.  Well this year my other granddaughter Willow, is scheduled to sing her first song. Then in another year or two my youngest granddaughter Wren will be singing…………….One of my favorites was in 2001 when all of our Lakeshore Friends did the mock wedding.  I really don’t know if I have ever laughed that hard.  They did such an awesome job, and made both Kathy and I feel pretty damn special.  We do feel blessed to have such good friends.


I really think that by combining BrownFest and the City of Kewaunee will prove out to be fantastic.  The City has been very accommodating in making sure that all the BrownFest members have plenty of room to enjoy the show.


So – on with some news………….


Check out the Website at BrownFest.com – sign up and upload all of your pictures.  Justin does a fantastic job on it –


Happy Anniversary Kathy – I do Love you from the bottom of my heart


New addition to entertainment – Robin and Hannah are performing


Kathy is singing Crazy?  (seriously – really!!!!)  J


Of course Liza is MC – so shy with the microphone – yeah right


Robin M – pay attention to the third shell opening the main show


Did I mention that Deb and Tina are something so special


Kurt and Voni will be here at 300pm – Yippppeeeeeeeee!


Hey Deb is a motorcycle rider/owner – so watch out for her on the road


Addison spent one night with us last weekend – she is growing so fast


Deb and Clay got a new camper – they are enjoying that


Kevin and wife from OK will be here


Mark B – get better please – enough is enough – love you!


Barb & Kari – hope you get this one – see you there.


Jim-Jamie-Justin are real lifesavers yesterday – GREAT job!


Joe Guns is going to be there – yes Mary he is!!!


Mark L is going to be the straw boss


Andy-John thank you so much


Gabe finally informed me that he will only be there in spirit – well maybe next year


Molly – where are you?


Dave and Darlene have had to cancel coming - we will miss them


The answers to the questions last countdown.


Yes we were rained out in 2007 – A Hinney is when a female donkey has a baby from a horse.  Leigh-Eric-Robin-Larry, you guys should have known that…….


OK gotta go and get a few things done before we go pick up Kurt and Voni.  See everybody at the end of Ellis Street on Friday Night.  It’s is promising to be awesome!!!!!!