Only 4 days, 12 hours, 16 minutes to go‏...

BrownFest - 17 PROUD American

 Hello Everyone?


Of course I am really starting to feel the excitement and the crunch.  So much to do, and so little time.  I know, I know, I know, that I have had a year to get it done, but, well, you know…………This is going to be the best BrownFest ever!  In case you didn’t read the last email I sent out, BrownFest is on the 4th and it will be on the Kewaunee pier.  Just drive down Ellis Street (east) till you can’t go anymore.


OK – some updates for everybody


Hannah and Sarah will be performing

Robin and Hannah will be doing a duet

Taylor will be singing

Willow could make a special appearance…..We are hoping that she does!!

Mark – Nicole – Natalie doing the Star Spangled Banner – nobody better

BTW – Natalie and Ryan are expecting their first

T-shirts are done – Huge thanks to Deb, Russell and Kim and of course the family.

Kurt and Voni will be here on the 2nd

Mark B - we are praying that you get better

On July 2nd Kathy and I will celebrate our 38th anniversary (not sure how she has put up with me that long)

Any EMT’s coming this year?

Dru, Mazy and friends are still planning on working – so make sure and get a ride

Mom-Dad Brown will be celebrating their 59th in a month - Wow!!

Molly – where are you?

Mark L is still battling that broken leg – we all wish him the best

Didn’t hear from Gabe this year, maybe he is going to surprise us??

Matt K –what are you doing?

Oh Yeah – Happy Birthday Dave!!!!

Greg won’t be there this year setting up or lighting– he will be missed a lot!

Barb and Kari Lynn are still planning to be there

Gesine and Gary are coming with family this year.

Anybody know who posted the finale on YouTube last year?  (Steve Oswald) He did an outstanding job.  I would like to thank him and maybe offer a job of BrownFest Photographer J

Sarah Z will be performing again – also at the Port-A-Call later that night – she is so good!!

A big Thank you to Dad, Justin, Nathan, Kurt, Russell, Kevin, Brandon, Andy, John – I love you guys – couldn’t do it without you!!!!

This one is a bit short – but I gotta go out and get something ready to light………………..:)


I really am the luckiest guy in the world – my family proves that to me almost every day!!!!



A Proud American