Only 25 days, 7 hours, 18 minutes to go..........‏

The theme this year is “PROUD AMERICAN!!”

BrownFest 17 is just around the corner!  The year sure has gone fast.  Before we know it we will be lighting some fuses……..

There are some changes this year and I am really excited about them.  BrownFest will be on the 4th of July (Friday) and will be held on the Kewaunee Pier.  That’s right downtown in beautiful Kewaunee.

 BrownFest “charter members” (those that have attended BrownFest in the past) will have a special seating area for them and it will be reserved.  The area is right at the end of Ellis St.  Make sure that you wear a previous BrownFest T-shirt so that you can access the special seating area.  If you don’t have a T-shirt (not sure why since we have made over 2500) then you will need to send me an email or call me so that I can make sure that you will be admitted.  Make sure you bring lawn chairs as usual.  The food will be provided by various non-profit organizations for fund raisers for their groups.  Of course we will have Liza’s famous jungle juice but only available to “charter members.”


Now for some updates………………..


Mark B – Better hustle and get well – Everybody say a prayer for him please.

Justin and Alyssa have a new sharpshooter in the family – Taylor is shooting trap and doing quite well I must add.

Kathy and I have 3 wonderful granddaughters – we are lucky!

Kurt and Voni will be here.  Thank Goodness!!  I miss them….I owe one to Kurt though!

Russ/Kim – little salute ready to go?

How about that David A – are you ever going to come?

T-Shirt day will be June 14th (call Kathy for details)

Mom is very anxious for the 4th as always.  Dad – got the electrical/computer under control?

Holly and Chris have a new baby boy Nolan

Grandma Tulie is so excited she can hardly sleep………………Well OK

Deb is so special to us J but is allergic to bromine L

Mark L. had a mishap and broke his leg – can’t slow him down-hauled wood the next day

Hannah and friend are going to perform – they are so good!!

Kevin got married and moved to OK

Molly – where are you?

Eric and Leigh – you know we always have room for you

Any Cornhuskers coming this year?  Doubt it! I think they are mad that the Badgers beat ‘em

Jim and Faye – we sure hope you can come again

Mike and Vicki – how about that first trip up north

Nathan-Liza-Cody-Hannah-Kathy-Dan are going on the Hog Rally again.

Gene and Mary, we are hoping to see you here again

Dru, Mazy and friends will be working all day – you will enjoy them

Matt K– you coming this year?

Dave and Darlene will be there – not sure what their entertainment will be but it’s always good!

Norb–Tom–Dan had a grand time at Gallaghers

Willow is going to perform for her first time.  (If we can get her up there)

Brad K stated via email, His family will be there

Tina is a gem!!

Barb and Kari are planning on coming again – bring some friends

How about Bob M? Matt K? Jim S? Marlene K? Steve S? Joey S? USPS Guys!!!

Hey ya Gabe!  Gonna make the trip from TX?

How about Nick and Jamie from CA?

Molly, where are you?? (did I ask that before?)

Jeff/Lea G are coming with kids – rumor has it the kids can’t wait to get there again

Don E will be there! He is one of the reasons why Taylor is such a sharpshooter!  Thanks Don!

Norb won’t be here this year??  WHAT!!!!

Did I tell you that Francis is the Carlton Fire Chief for several years now?

Eric/Melissa – where ya been?

Brandon has been promoted from parking to setting up this year…..

Larry–Robin got the mule101 lesson the other night – If Eric and Leigh come, you will have something to talk/quiz each other about.

Question – What is a Hinny?

Had a crawfish boil along with pizza last week and I ate the most crawfish – full for two days

JJJJJJThis year is 3280 pounds JJJJJJ

Trivia Question: Has BrownFest ever been rained out?  If yes, when?


And last but not least – Just wanted to say “I really am the luckiest guy in the world!!!!